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Choose from an array of specially curated handmade Bon Bons. Each Bonbon features a crisp thin shell of White, Milk or Dark Chocolate that gives way to a soft, melt-in-your-mouth, caramel, ganache, pate-de-fruit (fruit gel) or praline centre.

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Bon Bon Flavours

Sweet Tangy and Bright, this Bon Bon has a Strawberry Balsamic Pate de Fruit (jelly) center balanced off with a combination of a Balsamic Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Milk Chocolate Ganache. Simply tantalising to your tastebuds! Strawberry Balsamic BonbonStrawberry Balsamic Bonbon with filling
Strawberry Balsamic
The Piedmont Hazelnut consists of frangelico and rum-infused hazelnut ganache coating a toasted hazeulnut. Piedmont Hazelnut BonbonPiedmont Hazelnut Bonbon with filling
Piedmont Hazelnut
Our Coffee Caramel Whisky was made using coffee beans from local coffee roasters—Tad Coffee and Whisky from Monkey Shoulder Coffee Caramel Whisky Bonbon Coffee Caramel Whisky Bonbon with filling
Coffee Caramel Whisky
Pure single estate 72% dark chocolate from Calinan estate in Davao, Philippines is transformed into a velvety ganache, encased by a crisp dark chocolate shell. Single Origin Bonbon - 72% Calinan Dark Single Origin Bonbon - 72% Calinan Dark with filling
Single Origin – 72% Calinan Dark
It's hard to say traditional with salted caramel but this is our take on it. Luscious caramel infused with Maldon Sea Salt flakes, creating a sublime balance of sweet and savoury. Sea Salt Caramel Bonbon Sea Salt Caramel Bonbon with filling
Sea Salt Caramel
Incorporating the rich umami flavour of two types of soy sauce from Kwong Woh Hing into a caramel and paired with a malty dark chocolate to create a balance of sweet and savoury. A locavore's treat! Double Soy Caramel BonbonDouble Soy Caramel Bonbon with filling
Double Soy Caramel
A flavour inspired by Aussie summer staple Ice Cream—Golden Gaytime! Golden Yay Time BonbonGolden Yay Time Bonbon with filling
Golden Yay Time
Inspired by the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with strawberry instead of grape for a brighter, fruitier flavor. This is accompanied with a feuilletine crunch layer mimicking a sandwich crust. Peanut Butter & Jelly BonbonPeanut Butter & Jelly Bonbon with filling
Peanut Butter & Jelly
As featured in the Tropical series collaboration with local marmalade maker Straits Preserves, this bon bon comes with a burst of citrus notes and an element of surprise. Made using Tropical Calamansi marmalade, refreshing calamansi white chocolate ganache and a layer of dark chocolate popping candy almond praline. Citrusy freshness of this bon bon has proven to be a great spritely palate cleanser for wine sessions. Calamansi Surprise BonbonCalamansi Surprise Bonbon with filling
Calamansi Surprise
A classic pairing of English breakfast tea and shortbread, with milk chocolate. Tea & Biscuits BonbonTea & Biscuits Bonbon with filling
Tea & Biscuits
Our rendition of a nostalgic flavour, definite favourite for both adults and children! Cookies & Cream BonbonCookies & Cream Bonbon with filling
Cookies & Cream
Inspired by Singapore’s quintessential breakfast of kaya toast, this blend of umami soy sauce caramel, sweet kaya ganache and crunchy, salted breadcrumbs makes for a delicious bite. Kaya Soy BonbonKaya Soy Bonbon with filling
Kaya Soy
An un-eggspected combination! Of spicy salted egg yolk ganache & a curry leaf cereal crunch. Spicy Salted Egg Cereal BonbonSpicy Salted Egg Cereal Bonbon with filling
Spicy Salted Egg Cereal