Frequently Asked Questions

Storage Information

Our Bon Bons can last up to 2-3 weeks in refrigerated conditions. They should minimally be kept in aircon during transit to your recipient or another way to keep it cool is put them in a cooler bag with an ice pack.

Dietary Information

We are not halal certified, but we have a wide range of non-alcohol flavours and we do not use gelatin in our chocolates.

No, they do not. We use pectin as a gelling agent, which is derived from fruit.

Delivery and Returns

We provide free delivery for orbers above $80, and $10 for orders under $80.

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Day Deliveries: Tuesday - Sundays, from 12 pm - 7 pm (excl. Public Holidays)

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You can key in your friend's address and contact & delivery details at the checkout page under Shipping Address.

Please also put in your own contact details under Billing Address right before making payment.

We strongly encourage customers to leave both contact numbers in your order.

If you would still like to leave out your friend's number, we recommend that you leave your own contact number under "Shipping Phone Number".

Our delivery partners automatically sends SMS text updates to the "Shipping Phone Number" when they are making deliveries.

This allows our delivery partner to reach a contact person if they need help in delivering the order. (e.g. condo's security guard is denying access, etc).

Unfortunately, our current operations is only based in Singapore. As such, we are not able to do deliveries outside of Singapore at this time.

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Yes we do! However, we only offer next day deliveries on our chocolate bars and Surprise ME! products if you order before noon. Otherwise, they will reach you within one working day. 😊

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Online orders for delivery or self-collection require at least 2-3 days lead time after ordering. You can still come down to our Chocolaterie and select from our range of flavours in store to purchase directly.

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If you have a pre-order item in your cart, you will only be able to select a delivery or self-collection date that is within the indicated fulfilment period.

Unavailable dates are likely due to the delivery slots being full. You may consider other delivery date openings, self-collection or make a walk-in purchase!


1. Take it out from the refrigerator 5 minutes before you want to eat.
2. Pop in your mouth OR bite in half.
3. Discover the taste and texture in your mouth!

The word Bon Bon originated from the French language and it literally translates to candy. It can refer to a sweet or small confection.

Pralines are made by making the filling first then coated with chocolate.

Truffles are made mainly with chocolate and cream, flavoured and rolled in cocoa.

Bon Bons are decorated first (painted or sprayed cocoa butter for visual beauty), then the chocolate shell is made, lastly it’s filled up with filling, no air pockets.