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Bean-to-Bar Artisan Chocolates

...knack for making world-class chocolate bonbons – each coated in paint swipes of colour and filled with ganache spiked with fun flavours that dance on your tongue as it melts.

Robb Report, May 2021

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Bean-to-Bar Artisan Chocolates

Our artisan chocolates are sustainably sourced from farms across Asia and we apply an artisanal approach to chocolate-making at our chocolatier, distinguished from mass produced chocolate brands in Singapore.

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What customers say

..The staff in the shop are extremely passionate about their job, and took the time to describe the various chocolates and their individual nuances…

David C.

Best Chocolates in Singapore are Made Here

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie is different from your average chocolate shop. Here, you'll find delectable treats crafted by passionate chocolatiers who transform simple cocoa beans into masterpieces. Our inspiration comes from a delightful mix of sources.

Global Flavours
We source sustainability-sourced cocoa beans from Asia, capturing the distinct essence of the region sustainably.

Local Delights
Singapore's vibrant culture infuses our creations such as the Pandan Coconut chocolate – an authentic taste of Singapore!

Seasonal Surprises
Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie embraces the seasons, offering limited-edition chocolates that reflect the changing year.

This dedication to quality and creativity has earned us a reputation as the home of some of Singapore's best chocolates. So, if you're looking for the perfect chocolate delivery in Singapore or the best place to buy chocolates in Singapore, look no further than Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie.

Explore their delightful world of artisan chocolate and discover why we are the top choice among Singapore chocolate brands.

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