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72% Dark Drinking Hot Chocolate Granules

72% Dark Drinking Chocolate Granules

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72% Dark Chocolate Granules from Calinan, Philipppines


Enjoy a nice warm hug in a mug with our signature Drinking Chocolate Granules! Luscious, rich-flavoured with a silky smooth finish, indulge in a sippable moment at home or on the go!
Serves 5
Weight: 180g/6.35oz

Suggested Preparation (1 Serving):
1. In a pot, heat up 150ml of fresh milk over a stove until it starts to simmer.
2. Remove from heat. Add 35-40g of chocolate granules to the hot milk. Stir continuously until hot chocolate is fully melted to a nice & smooth consistency.
3. Serve hot chocolate in favourite mug. Enjoy! Option to add desired amount of marshmallows.

Customer Reviews

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A satisfying cup of dark hot chocolate!

It's sooo hard to find a dark hot chocolate, and I'm so glad Mr Bucket provides this option for us to make hot chocolate at home that isn't too sweet! I appreciated how the subtle sweetness really allowed the robust chocolatey flavour to shine through.

That said, I deducted one star because my chocolate granules didn't completely dissolve into the milk. Despite following the instructions closely, I still ended up with many specks of chocolate granules that weren't able to fully dissolve :( Thankfully, the hot chocolate still tasted pretty smooth.

Do note that the chocolate has a somewhat smokey and spicy flavour to it, so if you're gifting it to less adventurous eaters (e.g. like my elderly parents), they might not take so well to this cup of hot chocolate!