66% Dark Panchor
66% Dark Panchor
66% Dark Panchor

66% Dark Panchor

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Single Estate Chocolate Bar


The cacao beans used to make our 66% Dark Chocolate Bar are sourced directly from Panchor, a small town in Muar District, Malaysia. 31 year-old Mr. Simon Ting, took over a plot of 20 acre land from his father and decided to plant cacao and coconut trees.

Simon learned everything from scratch from planting and harvesting to fermentation and drying. His hard-work paid off as his cacao beans are now sold to several major artisanal chocolate makers in Malaysia. He currently operates 4 farms located in Panchor and Lendu within Malacca with a total land area of 20 acres planting various cacao varieties.

Customer Reviews

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Beverley J.
Easter delisghts

Ordered an Easter eggs and they were exceptionally in design and taste - the extra little mallet was a great success to crack the egg totally wonderful company is Mr Bucket and would recommend to anyone who wants to see hand crafted chocolate delights


Tried all the flavours and my personal favourite is hazelnut dragees. Highly recommended.

Fun Day

Enjoyed the Easter fun!! Wonderful day

First T.
Bons Bons

Very pretty presentation in a box. However, bons bons were stuck on their plastic bases & cannot be popped without breaking. Taste was alright, not specifically memorable.

Koh C.
Chocolate taste special

I have a deep affection for my bucket; it holds cherished souvenirs for my family. However, I require assistance with its delivery as it cannot be left unattended at my house. Unfortunately, relocating it is not an option, so I must trek a considerable distance to retrieve it.