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Really high quality and pretty bonbons. Would highly recommend, and be back to buy again


Great experience with online purchase !

amazing chocolates!

really liked the texture of the chocolate, not too sweet, my favourite is definitely cookies and cream!

Kaya Soy (build a box)


The box is nice and good quality of Chocolate.

Fantastic chocolates

Great taste and variety of choices. Hope more flavours in future.

Life is like a box of chocolates... never know what you're going to get. The chocolate workshop was a wonderful experience -- full of delight for all the senses!

Tasty flavor

While chewingon it, I wondered if this is made by willy Wonka himself . Then I realise it's not n it's simply the usual quality from the best chocolate shop in Singapore - Mr bucket ...

Best gift for CNY

With it nice ribbon packaging & the taste of dragees, definitely well received by everyone

Chocolate taste special

I have a deep affection for my bucket; it holds cherished souvenirs for my family. However, I require assistance with its delivery as it cannot be left unattended at my house. Unfortunately, relocating it is not an option, so I must trek a considerable distance to retrieve it.

I got these chocolates for a friend but it was so embarrassing because of the packaging. I think there should at least be a card and a proper gift box or something. Maybe you can add it as an option when customers check out. We are happy to pay a bit more for the gift box.

Highly addictive dragees

The walnut dragees are so delicious. The milk chocolate is so creamy and complements the walnut centre so well. Highly recommended

Great workshop

Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Flimsy packaging

Flimsy internal plastic packaging makes this a poor gifting option. The slab will dislodge, slide around and leave unsightly chocolate tracks all round the edges inside. Stick to the bon bons and bites!

Flimsy plastic packaging

Flimsy internal packaging makes this a poor gifting option because the slab will dislodge, slide around, and leave unsightly chocolate traces all round the edges inside. Stick to the bon bons and bites!

A satisfying cup of dark hot chocolate!

It's sooo hard to find a dark hot chocolate, and I'm so glad Mr Bucket provides this option for us to make hot chocolate at home that isn't too sweet! I appreciated how the subtle sweetness really allowed the robust chocolatey flavour to shine through.

That said, I deducted one star because my chocolate granules didn't completely dissolve into the milk. Despite following the instructions closely, I still ended up with many specks of chocolate granules that weren't able to fully dissolve :( Thankfully, the hot chocolate still tasted pretty smooth.

Do note that the chocolate has a somewhat smokey and spicy flavour to it, so if you're gifting it to less adventurous eaters (e.g. like my elderly parents), they might not take so well to this cup of hot chocolate!

Golden Prosperity Box
Wong K.M.W.K.M.
Different strokes

A range of taste flavours for different taste palates. I liked the bak kwa one in particular. The combi seems strange on paper but it works. V delightful and it was the one that all members of my family love. Good box to share during CNY and create lively conversations around it. It did for my family🥰


Delicious and unique wine!


We had a wonderful experience! Learned about their chocolate making process, the sourcing of their beans and got to decorate 3 chocolate bars of our own! The tastings were all delicious and so generous ☺️ Major chocolate high after this!

Fun day at Mr Bucket

Took some out of town friends to this tour. It was short and sweet and they ended up getting their fill of chocolate in the end. It was a mixed group and probably more suitable for kids around 7 or 8 but the teens and even the seniors liked it. Also it is value for money as it comes with free drinks from the menu for everyone. Great experience.

January 2024 DIY Chocolate Bar Making + Asian Chocolate Tasting Workshop

Yummy 😋

Fall in love with it but already out of stock.

Superfood & Cacao Nibs Bites

Festive Bon Bon Box of 15
Patricia S.
Pretty packaging!

Bought this as a gift. Hope the recipient finds it delightful to eat as well.

Drinking Chocolate Kit
Lauren L.
Great Gift!

Love the ceramics from Mudrockceramics - super cute touch and perfect as a Christmas exchange gift!