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Choose from an array of specially curated handmade Bon Bons. Each with a crisp thin shell of White, Milk or Dark Chocolate that gives way to a soft, melt-in-your-mouth, caramel, ganache, pate-de-fruit (fruit gel) or praline centre.

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Our Coffee Caramel Whisky was made using coffee beans from local coffee roasters—PPP Coffee and Whisky from Monkey Shoulder Coffee Caramel Whisky (build a box)Coffee Caramel Whisky (build a box)
Coffee Caramel Whisky
Our intepretation of the Classic Negroni in chocolate form, created in collaboration with Campari for the Negroni Week 2020 festivities. Negroni_Classic_A.pngNegroni_Classic_B.png
Negroni Classic
Part of the Spirited series in collaboration with local distiller Brass Lion Distillery, Dark Pahit is a citrusy treat made with Pahit Gin featuring decadent warm spiced dark chocolate and lemon caramel. Spirited_DarkPahit_C.pngSpirited_DarkPahit_D.png
Dark Pahit
Incoporating the rich umami flavour of two types of soy sauce from Kwong Woh Hing into a caramel and paired with a malty dark chocolate to create a balance of sweet and savoury. A locavore's treat! Copy-of-CaramelDarkSoy_A.pngCopy-of-CaramelDarkSoy_B.png
Double Soy Caramel
A flavour inspired by Aussie summer staple Ice Cream—Golden Gaytime! GoldenYeyTime_A.pngGoldenYeyTime_B.png
Golden Yay Time
Inspired by the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with strawberry instead of grape for a brighter, fruitier flavor. This is accompanied with a feuilletine crunch layer mimicking a sandwich crust. PBJ_A.pngPBJ_B.png
Peanut Butter & Jelly
As featured in the Tropical series collaboration with local marmalade maker Straits Preserves, this bon bon comes with a burst of citrus notes and an element of surprise. Made using Tropical Calamansi marmalade, refreshing calamansi white chocolate ganache and a layer of dark chocolate popping candy almond praline. Citrusy freshness of this bon bon has proven to be a great spritely palate cleanser for wine sessions. Copy-of-Tropical_CalamansiSurprise_A.pngCopy-of-Tropical_CalamansiSurprise_B.png
Calamansi Surprise
Tea & Biscuits
Our rendition of a nostalgic flavour, definite favourite for both adults and children! Cookies&Cream_B.pngCookies&Cream_A.png
Cookies & Cream
Pure single estate 45% milk chocolate from Triang Bera estate in Pahang, Malaysia is transformed into a velvety ganache, encased by a crisp milk chocolate shell. SungaiRuanMilk_A.pngSungaiRuanMilk_B.png
Single Origin – 45% Triang Bera Milk
Pure single estate 64% dark chocolate from Panchor estate in Malacca, Malaysia is transformed into a velvety ganache, encased by a crisp dark chocolate shell. Panchor_A.pngPanchor_B.png
Single Origin – 64% Panchor Dark
Pure single estate 72% dark chocolate from Calinan estate in Davao, Philippines is transformed into a velvety ganache, encased by a crisp dark chocolate shell. Calinan-SO_A.pngCalinan-SO_B.png
Single Origin – 72% Calinan Dark
Pure single estate 80% dark chocolate from Anaimalai Hills estate in Tamil Nadu, India is transformed into a velvety ganache, encased by a crisp dark chocolate shell. Anaimalai_A.pngAnaimalai_B.png
Single Origin – 80% Anaimalai Dark
Back by popular demand from our Extravagant Christmas Flavours! RosemaryHoney-A.pngRosemaryHoney-B.png
Rosemary Honey

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